1. Rasskazova  Anastasia, Russian Federation, Moscow, saxophone


2. Kosolapov  Yelisey, Russian Federation, Moscow, violin


3. Evlanov  Tchon, Russian Federation, Moscow, cello


4. Solomatnikov  Semion, Russian Federation, Moscow, trumpet


5. Koltakova  Sofia, Russian Federation, Barnaul, violin


6. Plechanov  Matvey,Russian Federation, Moscow, trumpet


7. Fedorova  Serafima, Russian Federation, Moscow, flute


8. Lukianenko  Daniil, Russian Federation, Moscow, flute


9. Skorynava  Maria, Belorus, Vitebsk, piano


10. Rytschagov  Artem, Russian Federation, Ivanovskaya obl, violin


11. Russell  Elizabeth, Singapore, Singapure, flute


12. Tschepkin  Ivan, Russian Federation, Moscow, piano


13. Svicharenko  Victoria, Russian Federation, Moscow, violin


14. Tscherkasova  Polina, Russian Federation, Moscow, piano


15. Soboleva  Camilla, Ukraina, Lugansk, flute


16 . Melkumov  Dmitriy, Russian Federation, Moscow, oboe


17. Kirilova Maria,  Russian Federation Moscow, clarinet


Attention: Programme at the Semifinalin total not more then 12 minutes !!

Dear organizers, participants, and guests of the Rotary Children’s Musical Competition:

It is my pleasure to send greetings to you on the occasion of your International Russian Children’s Music event.

There are as many ways to get involved with Rotary as there are Rotarians – maybe even a few more. And each of us can find something different in Rotary that adds something to our own lives. Rotary’s programs for young leaders challenge us to become better people: to become ambitious in the ways that matter, to strive for higher goals, and to incorporate Service Above Self into our daily lives. And when our unique talents are united by our common principles and insistence on ethics as one Rotary family we realize our true ability to make a difference. It is my hope, and my wish for all of you, that the satisfaction that you have found in Rotary will inspire you to continue on to a lifetime of service, in Rotary and beyond. And I know that we can do more together than we could ever hope to do alone. So let’s work together and find new opportunities to make a sustainable impact for our world, in our communities, and in the lives of others as one family of Rotary: Making a Difference.

I wish you all the best for many more years of creative, engaging, and productive service to come.

Ian Riseley
President, Rotary International 2017-18


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Rules XVI competition 2019

7 - 8th October, 2017

Gnessin Specialized Music School, Moscow 

1st Place

ALEXANDER   DAVIDIUK,  Moscow / Russian Federation
12 years, piano

Prize winner  2.000 $

Davidiuk (piano)


2nd Place

STEFANIA   POSPECHINA,  Moscow / Russian Federation

9 years, violin

Prize winner 1.000 $


3rd Place ex-aequo


12 years, violin
Prize winner 600 $

DMITRIY   PINCHUK, Russian Federation

11 years, saxophone

Prize winner 600 $



4th Place

ALEXANDER   RUBLIOV, Russian Federation

11 years, trumpet

Prize winner 300 $



5th Place

ALISA   SHISHKOVA, Russian Federation

12 years, oboe

Prize winner 300 $



6th Place

SOFIA   FIRSOVA, Russian Federation

12 years, violin

Prize winner  300 $




Awarding Ceremony of the 15th Anniversary International Russian Rotary Children’s Music Competition


The next 16th competition will take place in Autumn / October 2019.

The rules for the 16th competition will be

published end of 2018 on our website.

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