Competition 2010

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1st prize

Pak Di Na (Novosibirsk, Russia) Flute

12 years

2st prize

Aggejalfis Taellija-Jaroslavna (Moscow, Russia) Harp

11 years

3rd prize

Egorenkova Anastasija (Moscow, Russia) Piano

11 years

Lee Zhe Lin (Seoul, Korea) Violin

12 years

5th prize

Prihodko Mark (Minsk, Belorus) Cello

12 years

6th prize

Mun Arseniy (St.Petersburg, Russia) Piano

11 years

7th prize

Filipchenko Grigoriy

(Moscow, Russia)


Kazanski Elisey

(Moscow, Russia)


Makhina Polina

(Voronezh, Russia)


Martin Gregory Howard

(Farmington, USA)


Murray Jesse Burnside

(New York, USA)


Schiffner Felicitas

(Luebeck, Germany)


Senica Dorotea

(Maribor, Slovenia)


Uszynski Oliver Maria

(Erlangen, Germany)


Zelenina Arina

(Moscow, Russia)


Members of the international jury 2010

Bashkirov Dmitri Russia Chairman of the international jury of the competition, professor, honored artist of Russia, pianist, pedagog and teacher,

Bortnovsky Vjacheslav Belorus Professor at Belarussian State University of culture and arts, conductor Minsk Chamber orchestra “Collegium musicum”

Braun Tiberius Germany Past – President of RCMoscow International, Chief representative of TUI AG in the Russian Federation, Chairman of the organizing committee of the IRRCMC

Evard Igor Russia Chief editor of the musical information newspaper “da Capo al Fine”, doctor of Philosophy, composer, correspondet member of the RAES , member of RCRossica – Moscow

Gofman Albert Russia Professor, wind instruments

Grach Eduard Russia National artist of the USSR, Prof. of the Tchaikovsky State Moscow Conservatory, art Director and conductor of chamber orchestra “Moskovia”, soloist of Moscow Philarmonic society

Khokhlov Mikhail Russia Director of the Moscow Special Gnessin’s School of Music, honored artist of Russia, pianist and conductor

Marous Josef France Past – President of the RCMoscow International, board member of TMK, prof. ABOP RF, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the IRRCMC

Sapozhnikov Sergey Russia Honored worker of arts in the Russian Federation, doctor of fine arts, president of Artistic Charitable Society “Assemblies of Arts”

Skanavi Alexei Russia soloist pianist, journalist, member of the RCMoscow

Yakupov Alexander Russia Director of the Central Music School of State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, art director of Opera-house of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, member of the international academy of informatization, honored worker of Arts of Russia , doctor of fine art, professor