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Victor Maslov Moscow
 piano S. Rakhmaninov – Elegy op. 3 № 1
S. Rakhmaninov – Etude-tableau ор.33 № 7
F. Chopin – Scherzo № 3 ор. 39
Georgy Krizhnenko Omsk
piano S.Rakhmaninov – Etude-tableau Ор. 33 №7
S. Rakhmaninov – Etude-tableau Ор. 33 №8
Naina Kobzareva Rostov-na-Donu
violin H. Wieniawski – Légende
P. de Sarasate – Caprice Basque
Elizaveta Fedorova Moscow
violin T. Vitali- Charlier “Chacona”
J. Massenet – Méditation from opera Thaïs
O. Novacek – “Perpetuum Mobile”
Roza Dzhavadyan St. Petersburg
violin P.I. Tchaikovsky – Melody
H. Wieniawski – Polonaise de concert
Elin Kolev Leipzig
violin N. Paganini – Op. 1 Nr. 24
C. Saint-Saëns – Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op.28
Pak Di Na Novosibirsk
flute E. Bozza – Aria
G.F. Händel – Departure of Queen Sheba from opera Solomon
Anastasia Egorenkova Moscow
piano F. Chopin – Brilliant Variations
R. Shumann – Gust from cycle Fantastic pieces
Tamara Popova Chisinau
 piano F. Chopin – Liszt – “The Maiden’s Wish”
J. Haydn – Sonata nr. 33 D Major
Lobel – “Poem”
Ivan Skanavi Moscow
Violoncello E. Granados – Intermezzo (arrangment by Cassado)
Steiner – Millest ta minuga koneles (”What It Talked to Me about”)
G. Goltermann – Capriccio
Petr Hudonogov Krasnoyarsk
flute Popp -Hungarian rhapsody
Hoffmeister – adagio
Judith Stapf Koeln
violin P. de Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen op.20
F. Kreisler – Rondino on a Theme of van Beethoven
Nikita Bushuev Tcheboksary
flute S Rakhmaninov – Vocalise
G. Donizetti – Concertino
Yaegy Park Houston
violin F. Kreisler – Recitativo and Scherzo
H Wieniawski – Polonaise Brillante in D major Op.4
Elizaveta Samodurova Rostov-na-Donu
 piano Moshkovky “Sparkles”
S. Rakhmaninov – Prelude № 5 g minor
Yoon Ai In Korea piano M. Ravel – Alborada del Grazioso
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Rondo Capriccioso
Daniil Bogdanov Samara
 piano F. Liszt – Etude nr. 11 out of op. 1 Es Major
F. Chopin – Nocturne Es Major op. 9 №2
S. Rakhmaninov – Walz A Major op.10 №2

From Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation
to the participants of the 7th International Russian Rotary Children Music Competition.

Please download here.

All non-Moscow participants would be provided with hotel from 27th to 30th of March. We take care of accommodation for the dates for the participant and one accompanying person (a parent, a teacher, etc). If there are more people accompanying please take it on your own expenses.

We will contact you with exact information of hotel you are staying in personally.

Invitations for visas are to be obtained from hotel.

Timetable of the competition
On 27th of March (Friday) 19:00-21:00 there would be a rehearsal at Central Music School.
The draw would take place at 9:00 at Central Music School on 28th of March in the room 514.
At 10:00 AM semifinal is starting at Chamber Hall of Central Music School.
On 28th of March final is staring at 14:00 at Chamber hall of Central Music School.

The address of Central Music School – Maliy Kislovskiy per., 4.

1. Viktor Maslov, Moskva, piano

2. Georgy Krizhenko, Omsk, piano
3. Naina Kobzareva, Rostov na Donu, violin
4. Roza Dzhavandyan, St. Petersburg, violin
5. Elin Kolev, Germany, violin
6. Pak Di Na, Novosibirsk, flute
7. Anastasia Egorenkova, Moskva, piano
8. Tamara Popova, Chisinau, Moldova, piano
9. Ivan Skanavi, Moskva, violoncello
10. Lisa Giniyatova, Moskva, piano
11. Petr Hudonogov, Krasnoyarsk, flute
12. Judith Stapf, Koeln, Germany, violin
13. Nikita Bushuev, Tcheboksary, flute
14. Yaegy Park, Huston , USA, violin
15. Elisaveta Samodurova, Rostov na Donu, piano
16. Yoon Ai In, Korea, piano
17. Daniil Bogdanov, Samara, piano


After listening all DVDs by Members of Rotary Club, Music Committee of Rotary Club decided to add Fedorova Elizaveta (violin) as 18th semifinalist.


Dear Semifinalists! Please, send copy of your passport to the e-mail address:

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