XV. International Russian Rotary Children’s Music Competition​
October 7-8 . 2017
XV. Internationaler Rotary Musikwettbewerb fuer Jugendliche 2017
XV. Concours Rotary de musique pour la jeunesse 2017
XV. Concurso Rotary de música para niños 2017

Rotary Club Moscow International 2002

Rotary Club Moscow International and
Rotary District 2220 Russia-West
In cooperation with:
Rotary Club Moscow Humboldt
Rotary Club Moscow Rossika , Rotary Club Moscow

Tiberius Braun – Chairman
Josef Marous , Stephan Zilker
Tiberius Braun
(in German, English, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian)
Josef Marous
(in French, German, English, Russian, Czech, Spanish )

RULES of the competition

1. XV. International Russian Rotary Children’s Music Competition is taking place in the Gnesin Special School of Music, Znamenka street 12, Moscow, Russia, 07.10 -08.10.2017.

2. Age of the participants is from 8 to 12 years. Limit of 12 years means that the participant is until 07.10.2017 younger than 13 years.

3. Competition is for following musical instruments: violin, violoncello, harp, piano, wind instruments.

4. Following limits apply to all applicants:
a) Participants of the Finals in previous years are not allowed for participation in the competition. Participants of the Semifinals in previous years can participate again.
b) Children, participating in the competition in previous years but not achieving the finals, are allowed to participate in the competition again.

5. Music professors and organizing committee are reviewing DVD received and recommends the invitation of the 12 to 14 best candidates to semifinals and finals in Moscow.

6. Music competition in Moscow is done in two stages: semifinals and finals. To the finals are admitted the best 6 semifinalists.

7. Prizes:
1st Prize – 2.000 USD
2nd Prize –1.000 USD
3rd Prize – 500 USD
4th to 6th Prize –150 USD
7th to 14th prize – 100 USD
Russian Participants will receive Prizes in Rubles, foreign participants in USD. From the prize money will be deducted 13% Russian income tax for Russian residents and 30% for Non Residents.

8. Registration fee: There is no registration fee. Participation in the competition is free of cost.

9. The deadline for sending the application with DVD to the organizing committee is May 15, 2017. (Date of post stamp)

10. Application are to be send to the address below:

Credit Agricole CIB AO
1-6, Bolshoy Zlatoustinskyj per.
101000, Moscow, Russia

please, indicate:
- First name, surname*
- Contact phone number, e-mail and address *
- Fax number if possible
* Applications without contact information will not be accepted for the competition!
To the application please, enclose:
• Photo of the candidate (10 x 15)
b) Biography
c) Information about the teacher and music school
d) Program for semifinals and finals

11. The musical program included in the application must be followed in the semifinals and finals. It is not possible to change program on short notice.
• Preliminary Round – Repertoire
For Pianists:
• One movement from sonata from Mozart or Beethoven (own choice)
• Piece of Russian composer (own choice)
• One or two works of own choice (performance solo or with orchestra permitted)
Total not less then 20 Minutes

For Violinists:
• One caprice by Kreutzer or Wieniawski or Rode
• Part for violin solo (own choice)
• One or two parts for violin and piano (own choice), or violin with orchestra (own choice)
Total not less then 20 Minutes

For Flute:
• A. Vivaldi concerto (own choice)
• One or two compositions for flute and piano
• Mozart (own choice) – one or two works
• Own choice
Total not less then 20 minutes

For Clarinet:
• Composition of a 20th Century Composer for flute and piano (up to 8 minutes long)
• One or two compositions for Clarinet and piano (own choice)
• Work from Russian composer (Own choice)
• Own choice
Total not less then 20 Minutes

For Oboe:
• Hendel- concerto G – moll (I. and I. parts) or Albinoni – Concerto B-dur (II. and III. parts)
• Composition of a 20th Century Composer or Composition of a 19th Century Composer
• Own choice
• Own choice
Total not less than 20 Minutes

For bassoon: Choise from
. Benedetto Marcello Sonata (for basson and piano) e-moll
.Antonio Vivaldi Cello Sonata in e-moll, op.14, No.5, RV 40
. E.Bourdeau 1er solo (for bassoon and piano)
. W.A.Mozart Sonata A-dur K 04162
. own choise
Total not less than 20 minutes

• All other instruments
At least 3 works (own choice) – total at least 20 Minutes

III. Semifinals:
For Pianists:
• Work from Russian composer (own choice)
• At least one movement from sonata by Mozart or Beethoven or Haydn
• Own choice
Total not less than 12 minutes and not more than 15 minutes

For Violinists:
• One caprice by Kreutzer or Wieniawski or Rode
• Work from Russian composer (Own choice)
• Own choice
Total not less than 12 minutes and not more than 15 minutes

For Harp
. One work of cantilena character (own choice)
. One work of lively character (own choice)
Total not more than 15 minutes.

Other instruments
2 or 3 works , one of them should be from Russian composer (not for bassoon)– total not less then 12 minutes and not more than 15 Minutes

Finals: minimum 9 minutes, maximum 18 minutes will be played with chamber orchestra. Finalists must choose from the following classical works:
Vivaldi Concert a-moll RV 86
Bach Concert a-moll BWV 1041
Wieniawski Concert d-moll op. 22, 1 movement
Mendelssohn Concert e-moll op. 64, 1 movement or 2-3 movements
Mozart violin concerto no 3, 1 movement or 2-3 movements
Saint-Saens violin concerto no 3, 1 movement

Johann Christian Bach Concert c-moll
Georg Friedrich Händel Concert h-moll

Georg Friedrich Händel Harp concert B-dur ( 1.part or 2.and 3. parts)

Haydn Concert D-dur Hob.XIII/II, 2-3 movements
Bach Concert f-moll BWV 1056, ALL MOVEMENTS
Mozart Concert No 21 C-dur KV 461, 2-3 movements
Bethoven Concert no 1 C-dur op 15 (1 movement)
Shostakovich piano concerto no 2, 2-3 movements
Mendelssohn piano concerto no 2, 1 movement or 2-3 movements

Cecile Chaminade Concertino for Flute and Orchestra op. 107
Quantz Concert G-dur, 1 movement
Stamitz Concert G-dur, 1 movement
Bach Suite h-mol

Cimarosa Concert C-dur
Vivaldi Concert a-moll

Weber Concertino c-moll ор. 26
Taneev Canzona (1883)

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in e-moll RV 484

12.Jury members do not participate in the voting for own scholars.

13. The Jury has the right to stop the performance of the participant of the competition if the performance exceeds the time limit or does not correspond to other requirements of the competition.

14. The results are announced at the end of each stage. The points received by each candidate are not being made public.

15. The finalists receive diploma showing the place achieved in the finals and the title of Laureate. The semifinalists receive diploma of participant of the semifinals. Other participants receive diploma of the participant of the competition.

16. The decisions of the Jury are definitive and cannot be questioned.

During the competition in Moscow (3 days) the organizing committee will provide accommodation for each participant not living in Moscow or Moscow Region and one accompanying person. (One hotel room). All other expenses must be covered by the participants themselves.
Previous competitions
Performances of the finalists of the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th , 11th ,12th, 13th and 14th International Rotary music competition and semifinalists of the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th competitions can be seen at, channel Rotaryrus ( Other information can be seen at: Facebook :

Ownership rights
With his or her registration the participant declares that no third party holds any copyright and/ or other legal rights on video or other audio material which is recorded or created during the competition and during concerts organized by the competition. All rights of distribution of audio and video materials, for commercial purpose inclusive, belong to the Organizing committee and Advisory Board of the competition. Furthermore he or she declares that he/she hands over the rights of broadcasting and distribution of the audio- and or video materials to the Organizing committee free of charge and for unlimited period of time.

Akulian Victor, Partner of the Audit Department of KPMG in Russia and CIS
Braun Tiberius, Chairman of the organizing committee, Past-President of RCMI, Past Chief Representative of TUI (Germany) in RF
Grach Eduard, National artist of the USSR, Professor of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, soloist of Moscow Philharmonic Society, Art
Director and conductor of chamber orchestra “Moskovia”
Dr. Hahn Ottokar, Vorsitzender des Europäischen Freundeskreiseses des Julius-Stern-Instituts der Universität der Künste Berlin e.V.
Ambassador of the European Commission in Moscow, 1996-1999
Minister of European and Federal Affairs in Saarland, 1985-1990
Khokhlov Mikhail, Director of Gnesin music school, honored worker of arts in RF, Honored Artist of Russia
Kogan Pavel, chief conductor of the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra, National artist of Russia
Lavrov Sergey, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Marous Josef, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Chairman of Marous Foundation, Past-President of Rotary Club Moscow International (RCMI), Past Deputy General Director of OAO TMK
Pollack Daniel, Professor at the University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music, Past visiting Professor of The Julliard School, Columbia University and Yale’s School of Music.Prize winner of the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow 1958
Participant in the juries of International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, Moscow; Queen Elizabeth, Brussel; Hamamatsu and Sonoda Competitions in Japan; Prokofiev Competition in St. Petersburg; Rakhmanninov Competition, Moscow; UNISA Pretoria, South Africa; Gina Bachauer Competition, Salt Lake City; Ciurlionis Competition, Vilnius.
Spivakov Vladimir, National artist of the USSR, Conductor of the Orchestra “Moscow Virtuosi”
Yakupov Alexander,,Director of the Russian State Special Academy of Arts, Art Director of opera-house Moscow State Conservatory, member of the International Academy of Informatization, honored worker of arts in RF, Doctor of fine art, Professor.