Competition 2011

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1st prize

Matvey Sherling (Moscow, Russia) Saxophone

11 years

2nd prize

Roman Boldyrev (Moscow, Russia) Piano

10 years

3rd prize

Andrei Zabavnikov (Kiev, Ukraina) Violin

11 years

3rd prize

Rodion Synchyshin (Moscow, Russia) Violin

12 years

5th prize

Marja Tihomirova (St. Petersburg, Russia) Piano

12 years

6th prize

Daria Kaliuzhnaya (St. Petersburg, Russia) Violoncello

12 years

7th prize

Lea Belova

(Moscow, Russia)


Angelina Gvozdareva

(Nojabrsk Tyumen Region, Russia)


Arina Pan

(Moscow, Russia)


Min Tiffany Tan

(Bushey/Herts, United Kingdom)


Ekaterina Konovalova

(Yekaterinburg, Russia)


Zinovia Nesterenko

(Togliatti, Russia)


Polina Mahina

(Voronezh, Russia)


Marfa Bagova

(Moscow, Russia)


Tatiana Fedorova

(Zhukovsli Moscow Region, Russia)


Anastasia Larina

(Ulyanovsk Moscow, Russia)


9th International Russian Rotary Children Music Competition

on the 19 – 20th of March, 2011 took place in Moscow in the main hall of the Central Music School Moscow the semifinals and finals of the 9th International Russian Rotary children music competition. The Rotary Club Moscow International is organizing the competition since 9 years, each year.
At this years’ competition the participant kids where the best compared to the last five years and their spectacular talent is always amazing to be watched and listened.

This year we had participants from six different countries like United Kingdom, USA, Ukraine, Sweden, Belarus and Russia. In total we had 37 applications from 21 cities.
The international jury was chaired by the famous Russian pianist Vladimir Ovchinnikov and voted with an unanimous decision at the finals where the six admitted finalists performed together with the symphonic orchestra conducted by maestro prof. Alexander Yakupov.

The first prize winner of 100.000 RuR was Matvey Sherling (Moscow, saxophone, 11 years). The second prize 50.000 RuR was awarded to Roman Boldyrev (Moscow, piano, 10 years). It was decided to award two third prizes to Shynchyshin Rodion (Kiew, violine, 11 years) and to Zababnikov Andrey (Moscow, violine, 12 years), each have received scholarship prizes of 30.000 RuR.

More important is that all our finalist kids have won money prizes in a total value of more then 9.500 US $.

All the organization was eased by our great sponsors whom we thank a lot and who herewith helps this talented children in their further musical development. Thank you all again!

Tiberius Braun

Past President / Rotary Club Moscow International
Chairman of the organizing committee 2011 or

Members of the international jury 2011

Ovchinnikov Vladimir Russia Chairman of the international jury of the competition, professor, Director of the Central Music School of State Tchaikovsky Conservatory , National artist of Russia, pianist, pedagogue and teacher,

Braun Tiberius Germany Past – President of RC Moscow International, Chief representative of TUI AG and airtours in the Russian Federation and CIS, Chairman of the organizing committee of the 9th IRRCMC, Council of National Representatives – Association of European Businesses)

Evard Igor Russia Chief editor of the musical information newspaper “da Capo al Fine”, Doctor of Philosophy, composer, Correspondent member of RAES , Member of RC Rossica – Moscow

Girshenko Sergey Russia National artist of Russia, professor of the Moscow Conservatory, violinist, Concertmaster of the State Simphony Orchestra of Russia,

Gofman Albert Russia Professor, wind instrument

Khokhlov Mikhail Russia Director of the Moscow Special Gnessin’s School of Music, Honored artist of Russia, pianist and conductor

Marous Josef France Past – President of the RCMoscow International, Board member of TMK, prof. ABOP RF, Co-chairman of the organizing committee of the 9th IRRCMC

Sapozhnikov Sergey Russia Honored worker of arts in the Russian Federation, Doctor of fine arts, President of Artistic Charitable Society “Assemblies of Arts”

Yakupov Alexander Russia, Art director of Opera-house of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Member of the international academy of information, Honored worker of Arts of Russia , Doctor of fine art, professor