Competition 2021

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1st Prize

Aleksander Dolgov,     Moscow, saxophone


2nd Prize

Adriana Vasilski,    Muenchen / Germany, piano


3rd Prize

Elen Virabian,    Moscow Region, flute


Darya Myachina,    St. Petersburg, piano


4th Prize

Fedor Gromov,   Minsk/Belarus, oboe


5th Prize

Maksim Tereschenko,     Moscow, piano







The XVII Children’s Rotary Music Competition

will be held on the 2-3 October in the Gnesin State Music School Moscow ( one week earlier as announced before).

The qualified participants will be informed

soon about all the details.



Organisation Committee of the Competition

We have with regret to announce, that due to the continuous pandemic situation we have to postpone the XVII competition.

It is now rescheduled at the same place in Moscow, for the 9-10 October 2021.

Hope to see you safe all together at the new dates.


The Organizing Committee

of the International Rotary competition